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We specialize in unusual underwater footage from Puget Sound and general nature photography.

Raft Island Productions

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Bob Hope and Francis Langford

Looking for the Clear Mac Poster?

DCR-TRV900 Microphone Replacement?

Useful video and editing links are at the bottom of the page.

 If you do ANY work with Photoshop, you must get a copy of Photoshop Restoration & Retouching. An amazing book that covers everything from restoring 140 year old tintypes to professional retouching of modern images.

If you want to read more about the sea life of Puget Sound and the West Coast, these books are arranged from the most general to the most technical.

Seashore Life of Puget Sound, the Strait of Georgia, and the San Juan Archipelago by Eugene N. Kozloff

Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest by Andy Lamb and Phil Edgell

Seashore Life of the North Pacific Coast by Kozloff

A Guide to Marine Coastal Plankton and Marine Invertebrate Larvae by Smith and Johnson

Marine Invertebrates of the Pacific Northwest by Kozloff


A great reference for the beginning videographer is:

The Complete Film Dictionary by Ira Konigsberg


The underwater video work on this site is done with a Sony TRV-900 broadcast quality digital video camera and underwater housings from Light and Motion Industries of Monterey, CA.

The best prices on digital video tape like miniDV can often be found at Tape Resources, Inc. This isn't an ad, I just like the service. Click the logo to go to their web pages.


If you have had the same trouble I have in trying to find good solid racks and storage for miniDV or 8 mm video tapes and CD's, you will be very impressed by the items manufactured by Bryco Products.


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