Here is some third party (not made by Apple) hardware.


First is what I call a "Stuffed Apple". I see a Redshift 80 Column Card in the aux slot, Apple 1 Mbyte card in sot 2, Profile Hard Drive card in slot 4, Apple PIO card in slot 5, Apple Disk II controller card in slot 6, Redshift ImageWorks II in slot 7. And there are still two empty slots.

Orange Micro made the very popular Grappler and Grappler + which printed hires screen graphics on dot matrix printers. 

The Buffered Grappler + added buffer memory so you could keep working while graphics and other output printed. All the little things we take for granted in a modern computer are seen as individual parts in these early systems. 

 Several companies made after market drive controllers and floppy drives to compete with Apple's very expensive Disk II system. I don't know who made this one, but it works. We had quite a few that were made by Jameco at Information Appliance, but this is not one of them.

 Applied Engineering made a product for the aux slot that provided 80 column video and additional banked RAM.

 A bigger Ramworks from AE.

And a RAM card from MT.