My first Scoutmaster was Bob Eby, or Lt. Col. Robert E. Eby of the 78th fighter group of the 8th Air Force. He flew 105 fighter missions out of Duxford, England. I met him in about 1962 and vividly recall seeing the gun camera films he had brought home.

A few years ago I got in touch with him again in what started as an experiment on image enhancement methods to remove "gun shake" and otherwise clean up gun camera films.

Note in the ground attack damage photo how the bullet went through the wind screen and was deflected by the big bullet proof plate and emerged out the upper canopy edge. If you look close you can see the seperate sets of cracks in the deflector behind the wind screen. [Note: These pictures are DigiMarked and low res.]


 Lt. Col. Eby and Vee Gaile #4. Ground fire from straffing RR marshalling yard 7/30/44

In the phot below, you can see the "bullet proof" deflector set at an angle between the gun sight and the front of the wind screen.


Some other interesting pictures.


Lt. Godard's plane. 20 mm damage from ME-109.