Salt Water Fly Fishing in Puget Sound

Going against the better judgement of my fishing pals, I am showing off this exciting and rather poorly known (until recently) sport. There were probably less than a dozen of us doing this 10 years ago.


Some spring silvers from the Tacoma Narrows. Drifting the shore and casting a "Springalian Wonder" -- a bunch of Crystal Flash and a black head with a little red floss. Fast retrieve.


A fall king (17 lbs) near Chamber's Creek. A candlefish tube fly and a fast sinking shooting head cast near a drop-off into about 60' depth. Very slow retrieve. Silvers are just silvers, but these are Salmon.


Another Chamber's Creek king. This time at low tide in about three feet of water among the eel grass and sight fishing. A small green and red beach fly was placed in front of three fish. Like usual, the small one took it. These fish are all taken from a boat. You have to be able to chase these kings or loose your gear. Eight weight rig with nine foot long 12 lb. steelhead leaders and about 4 feet of tippet. A fast sinking shooting head and a running line of Cortland 333 floating line for 4 weight and a low cost Cortland 1000 rod. I can cast the larger tube fly about 80' with this setup.


Can't see it too well, but this is a chum from near John's Creek by Shelton. This was done in waders and using a slime line (Bonefish line) and a Dean River Lantern. These beasts are murder on equipment!


Nothing like a nice flat smooth boat deck to keep your line from fouling. Next best is to spool into a big plastic bucket or rectangular tub.