Charles T. Springer

Gig Harbor, Washington

Trouble Shooting




BS Physics with departmental honors, University of Puget Sound, 1977. Experienced in image processing, instrumentation and microcomputer applications, hardware and software. New course work in computational physics, 1993.

Secondary Science (Physics/Math) Teaching Certification 2005. Interned a full year of AP Physics and Chemistry at Gig Harbor High School under a Golden Apple instructor.

I am an experimentalist with over 20 years experience in design and engineering of novel equipment for science and industry. My strong background in physics and mathematics is augmented by considerable exposure to equipment and methods for research in geology, biology, physics, and physical chemistry. Work in design and construction of modern instrumentation and consumer products has naturally required a strong working knowledge of microprocessor hardware and software and the design of efficient algorithms. Video capture and image processing hardware and software including best design of the year from Apple magazines.

UV Spectrophotometer



Penninsula School District, Henderson Bay School
Math, Integrated II and Integrated III Summer School 2005

Sequim School District, Sequim High School
AP Physics, Concept Physics, Physical Science 2005/2006 school year.

O'Connor Springer, LP
Palo Alto, CA 1993 - 2003

Patent partnership based on Springer's invention. 68HC11 development of networked multimeters. Embedded 68HC11 with Cosmic C and assembly. RS485 networking and Infra-red receivers. This involved design and layout of PCB's (OrCAD), writing of 68HC11 assembly for an interrupt driven software (noise detecting) "bit-bang" RS-232 driver to get a second port and incorporation third party network software to use the main serial port for RS-485 milti-drop networking. Also host PC network and display software for proof of concept and patent demonstrations. See patent at
See patent at

Sekidenko, Inc. Vancouver, WA, 11/15/2000 - 7/7/2001

Senior Product Development Engineer. Optical pyrometry for the semiconductor industry. Photodetector analog circuits spanning 9 decades of dynamic range. Surface mount analog and digital hardware and software. Research and characterizing pyrometers and related proprietary instrumentation. Design of special test instruments and procedures. Travel to customer sites and reports on problems and improvements for customer equipment. Documentation of use and testing procedures and results.

Elliott Bay Industries Seattle, WA
April, 1997 - April, 2000

Senior (only) Engineer, Product Development.
Trouble shoot current designs. Create new designs.
Veneer Moisture Detector R&D. -- see
Created hardware simulators for testing new and old designs.

Embedded C using ZWorld products. New designs from scratch. Pseudo-RTOS using costatements. Booting and debugging embedded systems. Real time data collection and control of high volume high speed veneer processing machinery. Hardware design using Protel capture and layout software. PAL/GAL/PALCE programming for combinatorial logic using CUPLE and PALASM. Digital storage scopes and logic analyzers and in circuit emulators (ICE), etc.

ARM7500 development of a Forth compiler in ARM assembler and using the ARM debugging tools. Extensions for object oriented programming with an object oriented language overlay of ANS Forth.

Redshift Limited
Tacoma, WA 1990 - 1993
Development of Synthetic Aperture SONAR experiments and a unique inexpensive DGPS scheme using pager technology.

Apple Computer, Inc.,
Cupertino, CA, 1989 - 1990

Technical editor ("Code Checker") on first issue of the award winning Apple developer's journal 'develop'. Testing and writing of 'C' code fragments to demonstrate Apple toolbox usage. Explanations and diagrams of new color models. Editing of technical writing of software engineers.

Information Appliance, Inc. - 6 years.
Information Appliance, Mountain View, CA. A startup company founded by Jef Raskin, the creator of the Apple Macintosh project, to pioneer new human interface and hardware ideas. Member of the design and prototype team for "Swyft", "SwyftCard" for the Apple II, and "Canon Cat". SwyftCard was an InCider Magazine favorite. Canon Cat was the enhanced Swyft purchased by Canon.

The "Canon Cat" project required logic analyzers and cross compiling of original code for bringing up hardware. Testing and evaluation of prototypes. All code was in a highly compact version of Forth.


During the time at Information Appliance I designed and marketed from home (Redshift Limited, Inc.) the ImageWorks II; a frame grabber and gray scale display adapter for Apple II computers. This used flash A/D and high speed synchronization, video RAM and video D/A. This product received a great deal of industry press for price/performance. InCider magazine editors picked ImageWorks II as the best hardware of 1988.



Boeing Computer Services
Applications Specialist. Ran batteries of tests on AOA (Airborne Optical Adjunct) software. AOA is an airborne infra-red electro-optical system for detecting and tracking several thousand re-entry vehicles at once. These tests were run with sample sensor data.



University of Puget Sound - 4 years
Instrumentation design and maintenance of all sorts for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Geology. Equipment constructed in 1980 is in use today.


 During this time I designed and manufactured a hardware floating point card for Apple II computers based on the design I did for the OSI computer used in the spectrophotometer. I wrote and included a very efficient Forth with scientific software package and floating point extensions to use the hardware. The system computed 20 to 100 times faster than a plain Apple II. Redshift Limited advertised and sold through "Physics Today" magazine. This led to an invitation to come to Silicon Valley and join Information Appliance and Mountain View Press.




Favorite Design I have always been particularly proud of a custom ultra-violet spectrophotometer I built while on the staff of the University of Puget Sound Science Division. Built around the original Ohio Scientific 6502 system.

However, my frame grabber that adds full gray scale to the Apple II family is very simple and elegant, was very popular and is probably the coolest thing I have done. Ask me about it.




Synergistic Detector Designs: Design of components for X-ray inspection image processing systems for Morton Thiakol (now Morton International) that inspect automobile air bag gas generators.

Jef's Friends: I engineered and constructed a computer controlled transmitter for remote control airplanes. The design features a simplified user interface and "auto-trim"; a single button for trimming to straight and level flight. (In conjunction with Jef Raskin)

5" LED Smart Display

Meter Cradle Patent Prototyping

"Swyft" prototype of Canon Cat

Production Canon Cat


FP Coprocessor and Science Software

Redshift Limited Convercorder

Home made "ROV"


Eagle Scout (Just like Niel Armstrong!), Sigmal Pi Sigma



Mino Taoyama, Director World Wide Test and Diagnostics, Apple Computer, Inc.

Peter van der Linden, Java Supervisor, Apple Computer, Inc.

Fred W. Slee, Professor of Physics, University of Puget Sound.

Reference email addresses available on request.